Users Privacy Policy

Much thanks to you for going by (here alluded to as 'the Site' or Tnstagram). It would be ideal if you make a point to peruse this security arrangement painstakingly before you utilize the Site. On the off chance that you don't concur with any of it, kindly don't utilize our site. By utilizing or getting to the Site, you explicitly agree to our gathering, stockpiling, utilize and revelation of your own data as portrayed in this Protection Arrangement.

At Tnstagram we esteem the security of our clients and it's essential for us that you comprehend the end result for the data you give to us. This report is to enable you to see how we utilize, store, gather and unveil your information.

Just to remind you

    1. If your account get deleted by Instagram or by you in Instagram it will deleted from our website too with all it's content.
  • 2. If you are seeing data/content related to your deleted Instagram account in Google or any search-engines results via any keyword which is indexed with our website so be patient search-engines will remove it automatically in 1 or more weeks.
  • 3. If you are seeing data/content related to your deleted Instagram account in Google or any search-engines results via any keyword which is indexed with our website so try to clear cache/cookies/history of your browser or change browser and try again you will not see any results again.
  • 4. If you are still seeing data/content related to your deleted Instagram account in Google or any search-engines results via any keyword which is indexed with our website please send us list of links which you are seeing in results of Google or any search-engines we will try to request/force search-engines to remove them from it's search results.

Collection of Information

You are allowed to peruse this Site without uncovering any individual data making it conceivable to recognize you. Be that as it may, once you have sent us your identifiable individual data, you are not any more unknown to us. We gather two kinds of data from Clients/Coordinators of the Site: "Programmed Unknown Data" and "Identifiable Individual Data".

Automatic Anonymous Information (AAI)

The Site/Challenge Instrument make it conceivable to screen certain data consequently, in light of your conduct. This data does not distinguish you by and by. We utilize this data to enhance the Substance and usefulness of the Site/Challenge Device, and to better comprehend and fulfill our guests. This data may incorporate the program you utilize, your IP address or other data. This data is alluded to in this as the AAI.

Identifiable Personal Information (IPI)

IPI is exclusively identifiable data about you that enables us to recognize or reach you. A portion of the Site's capacities require approaching you for certain IPI, for example, your Instagram username, Instagram secret key and additionally other individual data.

Yet, we don't deal with your Instagram passwords straightforwardly. We utilize Instagram's Programming interface and OAuth 2.0 convention to approve Our clients. Our databases are secured with passwords to prepare for unapproved access of Our frameworks. Just architect staff individuals may get to information on a need-to-know premise.

You may give IPI so as to get to specific capacities on the Site. You can simply pick not to give certain data, but rather all things considered it might be that you can't utilize sure of the Site's capacities.

Sharing of Information to third parties

The site will target publicizing in view of individual data gave by clients and surmised from site use. This may incorporate sexual orientation, age, or geographic information. Tnstagram does not give any individual data to the promoter when you collaborate with or see a focused on advertisement. Nonetheless, by cooperating with or seeing a promotion you are consenting to the likelihood that the promoter will make the suspicion that you meet the focusing on criteria used to show the advertisement. We may package and offer the non-individual data we gather from you and different clients with publicists, outsiders, trusted accomplices and subsidiaries so they show promoting that better suits your interests. We may total your PII with data about others. All things considered we will make your data non-actually identifiable by evacuating your name and different qualities that would distinguish it as you. We may utilize or potentially share the subsequent non-PII with outsiders. We may give some non-individual data to other people who enable us to see how you utilize the Site.

Sharing and Disclosure of Information to any authority parties

We might be required by law authorization, government overseers, and additionally legal specialists to give by and by identifiable data. We will uncover by and by identifiable endless supply of a court arrange, or if required to co-work with law authorization, regulatory or other administrative offices. We maintain all authority to answer to law implementation organizations any exercises that We in compliance with common decency accept to be unlawful.


We utilize treats to gather non individual data, enable smooth client to involvement, recollect you on future visits, better see how clients connect with the Site so we can upgrade the Client encounter.

The utilization of these treats is discretionary; you can design your program not to acknowledge, or to just at times acknowledge, treats.

Notwithstanding, for ideal utilization of Tnstagram, we encourage you to acknowledge our treats. Certain capacities may require the utilization of treats so as to work effectively.

Connecting With Social Media.

At the point when sign in to your Tnstagram account through Instagram, you are enabling us to approach both PII and non-PII from your online networking profile. That PII might be openly seen and may perhaps be utilized by different individuals from these locales.

Changing of Our Policy

This Protection Strategy is liable to change at whenever. You ought to intermittently return and audit this Protection Approach so you generally will realize what data we gather, how we utilize it, and with whom we share it.

Commenting or posting on the Site

When you post data (a tag, a connection, a remarkā€¦ ) on the Site, the data might be counseled or utilized by any Client; we hence welcome you to take mind when posting, as this can prompt you getting spontaneous data from Clients.


On the Site you will discover different connections guiding you to Outsider Destinations or to Outsider Substance. Tnstagram should not be obligated for the connections posted by Clients or the security approaches of such outsiders. This Protection Strategy, don't administer to Outsider Locales or to Outsider Substance which the Client gets to from the Site.


For any inquiries concerning this Security Arrangement, different strategies for the Site or how to utilize the Site, please contact us.